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At a core level

  • We have been established since 2000 with a strong track record of creating great brands and environments
  • Each business is different and has its own authentic leader. There is no corporate handbook and not all that we do will be a fit for you. If the business and leader feels right, then jump on board!
  • The 'people vibe' within our businesses is good and we actively recruit and seek people who align with this
  • Fantastic choice across our three business sectors – hospitality, online and property development
  • Our businesses seek growth, but at a manageable pace. When our team is strong enough to support it, only then do we push forwards

For rising stars

  • The structure of our businesses enables and nurtures career progression, but it's not a given. To succeed and rise above others requires graft and dedication - then you will reap the rewards
  • Our business environments are positive, innovative and empowering
  • Opportunities to learn from your leader or other managers are available, but we also allow room for people to self-develop at their own pace – if you want to progress, we will help and support you

Current leaders & leaders of the future

  • Each business is lead by a profit-share or equity partner
  • We invest and develop talent from within
  • Investment in new or existing businesses is possible - got a great idea? Let's see if we can make it happen!
  • Our support team Hidden Talents offers an invaluable resource in supporting a business - the jump to running your own show is not so big or intimidating
  • We are commercially successful, therefore, capital is available for the right opportunity and individual