Mandy Blyth

Head Housekeeper

Mandy, along with her small but passionate team, keep The Pigs looking fresh, shiny and clean! Find out more below...

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What's it like working at The Pigs?

We have a laugh, we have a sing, we clean... and we also do our jobs properly! It's just a lovely atmosphere; a fabulous, relaxed and chilled atmosphere. We have a great team, but we work really hard because it's a full on job... I love it!

What keeps you motivated?

The best thing for me is reading the feedback (all guests are invited to leave feedback after their stay with a simple 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' choice). If we get good feedback I tell the team how well we've done which makes us feel really proud of the job. If we get bad feedback then I'll put it right - we're on it straight away and this really helps keep me motivated.

Why do you love working at The Pigs?

I love that feeling when you have finished the room, you have that final double check before shutting the door, and just think, "that looks absolutely fabulous"! That's the best thing about working here, I love that feeling.