Welcome to the family


Introducing NuMi, a new health start-up

We have a strong passion for good health, being the reason we have spent the last couple of years shaping NuMi. With continued concerns about the complex food industry, the mass of health marketing, and how confusing it can be to achieve better health, we decided to take our passion one step further and set the goal of creating a hub in Holt that supports people in optimising their health.

So, in 2024, NuMi was born! A trusted place with a collaboration of experts focussing on nutrition, mind, movement and body – taking a complete health approach. NuMi's driving force and leader, Maria, has been Norfolk Passport's Head of Finance for the last 4 years and now combines an eye for numbers with her passion for living and sharing a healthy life.

As a brand new business, the NuMi team is small but mighty, and looking forward to opening in the summer!

  • Newest member of our family
  • Opening it's doors in summer 2024
  • Small core team
  • Based in Hidden Talents, Holt