Megan Cross-Gower

Head of Spa

Meet Megan, Head of Spa at The Pigs in Edgefield. After seven years of working for The Pigs, find out Megan's journey through the business and what keeps her motivated within her role of Head of Spa.

Megan The Pigs

Why do you love working at The Pigs?

I love working at The Pigs as it is very innovative, you are always able to push your ideas forward and be creative with your ideas

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is giving the customer a really good experience. I really enjoy the fact that The Pigs is a destination and that there is a buzz about it and being involved in that.

What are the biggest challenges you face at work?

The biggest challenge I face at work is when the customer doe not have the experience that I would have hoped they would have, so if something goes wrong or if they don't have the best experience, I take it really personally. So it's important to understand you are not going to please every single customer that walks through the door.

What is it like being part of The Pigs team?

A lot of our team have for a long time together so we are all really good friends and it's a really tight-knit community, but the good thing is that with new people we all welcome them really quickly and it's a really nice friendly environment for everyone.

Is there something that no-one knows about you?

I am quite an open book when it comes to stuff like that so people probably know everything about me