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Mia's journey continues with a new challenge as she completes her apprenticeship with a distinction mark (whoop whoop). Over the past seven years, Mia has been an exceptional team member at The Pigs, demonstrating remarkable dedication, motivation, and leadership skills. Now, she has bid her piggy days farewell to take on a new role as the Store Manager at Byfords.

Though The Pigs team are sad to see her go, Mia's move to Byfords is an excellent opportunity for her to test her experience and knowledge and take the next step on her career ladder. Mia looks forward to the responsibility and challenges of the new role, saying, "I am excited to get my teeth into it!" As a supervisor, she has gained considerable experience in leading a team, but as the Store Manager, she's taking it to the next level.

When the Store Manager position came up, everyone agreed that Mia would be the icing on the cake for the role. As Mia learned more about the job and contemplated her future career progression, she realized that it was an excellent opportunity to flourish. She says, "My favourite thing so far has been getting to know the team, as they are all so friendly, and learning a variety of things, such as making coffee and icing cakes.

Mia is excited to learn and develop new skills at Byfords, where the service style is different from what she experienced at The Pigs. Her apprenticeship has given her a better understanding of other service styles and enhanced her product knowledge.

When asked for advice on how to become a rising star or manager in the business, Mia says that the key is to give to get “If you work hard and are dedicated to doing a good job with good values, you will be rewarded, and all the hard work pays off.” She continues by saying “The businesses are great for championing people, and when they see an individual with great potential, they will help them get to where they want to be.”


Mia's confidence has grown since joining The Pigs team. She loves coming to work and doing the best she can. When asked what it means to be a good leader, she says it's about being respected. "Gaining respect from the team gets you a long way," she says. "Working hard to set an example brings a great work ethic and motivates the rest of the team."

When asked what it means to be a good leader, Mia said to be respected. “Gaining respect from the team gets you a long way”, she says, ‘and working hard to setting an example brings a great work ethic and motivators the rest of the team.’

Mia will miss the people most about The Pigs, particularly working with her mom and sister. Although The Pigs has been her home for the past several years, she's excited to step out of her comfort zone and find her new home in Byfords.

Fun fact: We asked Mia if she was an animal, what would she be, and she said a dinosaur, as she really likes dinosaurs!

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