Duncan Jeary


Duncan and Tracy Jeary- Jeary's

Duncan & Tracey Jeary are beef farmers with their own butchery which they started in 2001. Along with their two boys and their 2 man Butchery team, they rear and butcher their own Aberdeen Angus cattle. Never one to stop working Duncan started as a trainee butcher at Papworths after his father told him he needed to learn a trade- Duncan's father was also a butcher!

After learning butchery Duncan went to work in a slaughterhouse before starting to cut people their own meat in the town of Grimston near Hillington. In 2001 he took on a piece of family land in Briston and over the 20 years he has owned it, built it into the farm and butchery we all use today.

When it comes to keeping the trade in the family, Duncans 2 sons are currently rearing a flock of 150 lambs this year, the first time the family have reared so many lambs!!

Each of our businesses uses Duncan's meat for a variety of dishes and with over 60 cuts of meat to choose from, the head chefs are never short on ideas!!! Beef, pork, lamb, gammon, chicken, turkey- Duncan can supply it all!!