99 Byfords Team 3

99+% thumbs up week

This week the team at Byfords achieved a fantastic overall thumbs up score of 99.26%! That means that over 99% of people who walked through the door last week felt that they had a thumbs up experience.

A terrific result for the team, the thumbs up system is how the brands measure success. The aim is to go above and beyond what is expected, to create fantastic memories and lasting trust with everyone who interacts with them.

Thumbs up is a result of hard graft and values. Thumbs down indicates a hitch and a need to adapt.Going the extra mile isn’t always easy or obvious, but it's definitely always worth it.

Thank you for to the team for all their hard work and commitment and keep up the good work!

If you believe you can become the next thumbs up champion, check out our current vacancies.