Senior Culinary Chef Apprenticeship (Level 4)

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Apprenticeship Scheme

Role area

Contract type

This occupation is found in the hospitality, aviation, care and hospital sectors, across a range of different types of organisations and employers such as those providing food direct to the public/consumer and those developing dishes for centralised distribution, care provision or retail.

Available at: Byfords

Duration: 22 months

Experience: You must have completed a level 3 course or have the specific skills needed to apply to level 4 courses.

Starting Salary: £25,000
Potential Salary: £30,000

Progression from this apprenticeship is expected to be into a senior culinary chef role.

Role area

Contract type

About you:

  • You love food and have a huge knowledge of ingredients and flavours. You are hungry to share the knowledge and develop the budding chefs around you.
  • Commercially savvy, your dishes are priced up, you use the best ingredients for the best price, and you are aware of what it is needed to make the finances work. You report your spending in detail each week.
  • Rally the troops. Lead your team and guide them to their best potential. Be fair but firm. Know the boundaries between manager and team members but get to know your team, learn from them and listen to their thoughts; they are your best assets to achieve your role effectively.
  • You enjoy creating a task-based environment; you and your team motor through the prep list with uncanny efficiency. Customers get their food on time, every time!
  • A keen eye for detail. Every plate of food is of the same great quality. You dislike sloppiness.
  • The passion to create new menus and new ideas. You will be experimenting and plotting new creations, you involve your team to execute every menu with each new season.
  • You have a sound awareness of the brand and the direction the business is headed. You know which ideas best suit our customers base.
  • You are a hardy soul who enjoys physical work in a hot and fast environment.
  • A disciplined clean freak. Your kitchen is inspection ready at the drop of a hat.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to develop new recipes, products and product lines. They will research, responsibly source, develop and launch products to meet specification briefs in line with the organisation’s vision, values and objectives. They will maintain high culinary standards, oversee all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and standards, order and maintain the inventory of food and supplies for developed dishes/menus, maintain compliance and due diligence documentation within the food safety management system to ensure a safe and hygienic kitchen, monitor food and equipment suppliers, develop recipes from scratch or brief, determine the best presentation/packaging of food, maintain or raise the profit margins on food and identify and coordinate training opportunities for staff.

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