Rosie Farrow

Store Manager

Rosie started with Byfords more than eight years ago! Now leading the Byfords store, discover what keeps her motivated.

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What do you love about Byfords

Every day is different! We have the procedures and processes that we follow, but you can never tell what's going to come through the door. I start at 6.30am and before I know it, it's already lunchtime!

What's your Byfords story?

I started in pot-wash eight years ago, then became a waitress, a supervisor for front of house, front of house manager and now finally to the Byfords store manager.... I jumped at the challenge!

How do you tackle challenges?

There's never any challenge that we can't overcome because there is such a strong support network, if I need help I have someone to go to. If they need help, they also have someone for support. The team is incredible.