Alex Wilson

Pastry Chef

Alex is one of Norfolk's most talented up-and-coming pastry chefs. Find out more about his journey here and his experience working at The Assembly House.

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How did you get into food?

I started off by exploring catering at school. I've always liked cooking and it runs in the family!

What's your daily routine like?

A 'normal' day starts at 8am where I make the scone dough, around 100-150 each day - this can be double at the weekend! We aim for consistency and high standards, making each day better than the last.

Any advice for future team members?

This place is like a family. We all look after each other and learn so much from the other chefs too. If you're quite shy, then the team will bring your confidence up. If you're already confident, they'll let you shine. If you aspire to go far in your career, The Assembly House will let you go as far as you possibly can.